Anonymous asked:

What can I bring to Goonhouse?

I don’t know if you intentionally phrased this in the vein of “what are you bringing to the table with this lp” so I’m going to assume you did and say #burndownthesandcastle.

I dunno just show up and see if there’s any chemistry there.

Anonymous asked:

Did you shoo the rapist out of your mumblr or whatever, thats all i care about

Only like as soon as we found out he was a fucking rapist. He was in the mumble for maybe an hour when his ban from SA went down but nobody else really was/knew what happened until after, so when he tweeted that he was “the banned goon in goonhouse” futurefriend then took that to mean we took him in. And since futurefriend already hated us becuase we associate ourselves with Pins, he obviously didn’t ask us and started just subtweeting about it. It’s a public mumble server, the address has been posted in GBS before. I’ve said this on my twitter already, but the mumble has an open door policy, and it does not always work out. We have had more success than failure with it, because the people who don’t fit in tend to not come back, or in some cases get themselves banned for just being altogether bad. But yeah, if something big comes to light, the whole internet doesn’t know about it instantaneously, that info takes time to travel.

Like before the whole Ritcheyz callout thing happened he came into the mumble once in a while. He hasn’t been back since because I think he knows we’d ban him if he ever tried to reconnect. I wish that guy the best because he desperately needed help with his drinking problem and from what I understand he got into AA and is recovering now but I still don’t really want to be around him.

But really there were a number of reasons Best Friend Skull was banned and the rapist thing was basically just the straw that broke the camel’s back so to speak. From what I read, he seemed genuinely remorseful about it and it happened a long time ago. The whole point of social justice is not to totally ruin someone’s life for something they did a long time ago, it’s to get someone to change shitty behavior. There are alot of people who do social justice wrong like that. Like for example my boyfriend by his own admission has done some pretty rephrensible things but he has made a conscious effort to change that behavior and learn from his mistakes to be a better person. However, that doesn’t mean I really want to be around BFS at all. The shit talking people behind their backs and just in general being kind of boring and shitty thing just compounds the idea that he doesn’t belong.

But yeah, goonhouse is literally just a mumble server. We treat it like an LP group because we think it’s funny. You want in the mumble? Ask one of us on twitter and if you’re not really boring you’ll be fine.

So to answer your question, yes he’s gone. There are four other people who are banned from the mumble for just being shitty in general, not counting Ritcheyz because he hasn’t been back since the mumble server crashed and had to be reset so he doesn’t currently have an account.